Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 2

Well-Being: This aspect is similar with The Sims games. You have to keep track of your characters hunger and exhaustion otherwise, like real people, they will not function well. They will refuse to work until you take care of those needs. The characters also have addictions that you have to watch out for. The game will tell you what will happen if you enable these addictions.

Life: By now, you guys know that we have to help our characters through whatever life was throwing at them. We have to help them manage time and responsibilities. I do not want to mention any spoilers so I will try my best to describe how it works. Let us start with being a vendor. Just like in real life, your characters must try to socialize and befriend potential customers that he/she will meet along the way. So whenever you meet someone new or talk to someone you befriended, you will get an option called small talk that will hopefully give you the information you will need to know such as their likes, dislikes, and habits. Knowing these things can help your business.

New target sighted I mean, yay a new friend!

Now I will talk about the simulation in life events and responsibilities. ┬áJust like in real life, your character’s choices and actions will result in consequences in their respective stories. I do not want to say more because it might end up being confusing without giving an example, and I really do not want to spoil it. I will use one example where it hopefully would not give away the story too much. Let us use the mother character. Now, ┬ámost parents try to make sure they are there for their children and try to raise them right (well, what is right in their eyes). In this game, you get to simulate a bit of that when you use the mother.