Cart Life Game Review (interview with the developer included) 3

one of my characters responsibilities as a parent was to make sure her kid gets home safe Soooo I did not do so well the first time. I seriously thought I picked the option of telling her that she should take the bus because I was going to have my character prepare her stand and get money, but I guess I misclicked! I was not able to pick her up which resulted in everything going chaotic. It was pretty bad (sorry, again, can’t say much). My character also received some questions kids usually asked their parents, and I had options on what answers to give her daughter. I think this detail in life simulation is a nice touch to the game, it adds more realism to the characters because they actually have to go through things that real life people in their positions would have. If you guys get the game you will see. I believe players might be able to relate in someway with 

the characters and/or be emotionally invested in them because just like in real life, it is not all roses and butterflies.

Trying to give my daughter some motherly words of wisdom

Detail in Animation:

Aw man I really love the detail that was put into the animation. It is a bit hard for me to fully explain. The animations were not grand or in your face. In fact, I guess they can be described as subtle. However, even though that may be the case, it actually adds to the overall feel of everything as a whole. For example: I was trying to purchase a stand so I was prompted to have this npc build it for me. I went to her shop and I saw the npc with her face protector on, welding whatever it is she was welding. When I approached her, I was expecting the usual. I thought I would just get a dialogue as she continued to be in welding animation. I was actually surprised to see her stop what she was doing, take off her face protector, and speak to my character directly that way. When I left, I was expecting her to stay in that pose until I come back to the building again. Again, I was mistaken because the NPC put her face protector back on and went back on welding.  It was refreshing to see because, again, in real life, that is the response we usually get as customers. I thought it was pretty cool. There are others as well, but I think it will be more fun for you guys to see them for yourselves.