Cart Life Game Review

Here are the characters:

This is the character I am using right now

He immigrated from Russia I believe

You get this character if you purchase the game

Replay Value:

Being that each character have their own unique stories, the game is, indeed, replayable (which makes me happy personally). Also, as I mentioned earlier,  all the characters have different specialties, addiction, and challenges (which you can check out from the images above). Therefore, starting fresh with another character will not only offer players new products to create and sell, but a new personal story as well.

Started a new game as Vinny this time

Detailed Simulation and Animation

If you have been following my blog, you will notice I try to see absorb every detail in games that I play and review. I really love seeing easter eggs hidden (or sometimes shown blatantly) in the game. I am especially critical when it comes to simulation games, well, for obvious reasons. Being that it IS suppose to simulate whatever the game was planned to, I want to see just how much effort the developers really put into the game in terms of detail. Having said that, I was really happy to see that Cart Life did not disappoint in that area. Note: Because the simulation in the game contains plenty of details in a couple of ways, I broke it down into criterias: Actions, Personal well-being, and Life.

Got to get them pearly whites. Brush, brush it real good (unz unz unz)

Detail in Simulation:

Actions: Let us take the picture above. I had to manually have her hand move for her to brush her teeth and spit on the sink. When I was making the things I had to sell, I sometimes had to go through this series of actions while pressing the right keys to manually have her do them (more detail on that later). It is not automatic like in other sim games where you only need to click on the object and it will do the rest for you. If she had to steer, I had to press keys in a circular pattern, and so forth. Let me tell you, it can get stressful especially when there is a time limit (we can’t let the customers wait! That is bad business).