How Do You Account for Your Professional Experience When Composing Your Resume?

What do you do if your job title does not match or does not encompass all of your job responsibilities with your current employer? Do you include your job responsibilities, despite the fact that they are not outlined in your job description when composing your resume? Many employers today have concerns about the palpable differences between a potential employee’s job title and the overall responsibilities, or their position in their current places of work, and wonder if the employees are actually exaggerating their responsibilities in their resume or whether it is the truth on the ground.

Many people today find themselves in situations where their current job title is so specific to their current employer that it carries no weight out of the company. It could also imply that the professional is a level or two below their real job responsibilities. So, how do you go about accounting for your experience when composing your resume so you can advance in your career? There is no specific way of addressing this since you want to ensure you remain as truthful as possible on the resume. The last thing you would want is for a potential employer to call for a reference check only to get the impression that your resume is fabricated, now do you?

There are two ways you can go about this. You may list your job title as it currently is and then follow it up with a list of all your responsibilities; alternatively you may paraphrase your job title to cover your responsibilities. To be on the safest ground however is to look for an average medium, list your title and then describe your job description before you start to list your job responsibilities. So how do you tweak your job title on the resume?

If you have a very specific title to the company that you are working on, you should try getting a similar title that is clearly understood in the industry. For instance, say you are a customer support representative but in charge of a specific product hence your title contains the name of the product, you can simply describe yourself as a Product Support Representative. Never alter your job title to imply a change in responsibilities or a higher salary scale, never change your title in a manner likely to suggest you are reporting directly to a person who is in a higher position than your current manager, and never change your title to suggest you are in a different organization. Any such alterations in a resume are untruthful and can negatively affect your credibility with your prospective employer.

When all’s said and done, your resume has to be very honest. Ensure you remain as objective as possible especially when it comes to job title, job description, and responsibilities and if you put more emphasis on the positives, you can rest assured you will have a very good resume.